We are here to make your drive better. To do that, we offer models that benefit you in a number of ways. The new Nissan Leaf is an excellent example of that quality. Here is how the Leaf can change your drive and save you money.

Driving the Nissan Leaf

There is nothing quite like driving the new Nissan Leaf. This is an excellent model that serves so many benefits to its drivers. At the start of this is the electric powertrain. That means you will not have a combustion engine under your hood but a combination of a battery and motors instead.

One major change this model brings to your life is charging. Shoppers can get a series of charging systems, including a level two that can install in your Parkville, MD, home's garage with ease. There is also a growing infrastructure of public charging stations that will help make owning an EV much easier.


Every inch of the new Nissan Leaf is meant to impress. Shoppers love this sedan because of its compact nature. That means that you are going to have a much easier time tackling both crowded parking lots and cramped streets. That is a huge benefit for daily drivers and those who live in downtown areas. This is also just the start of what the new Nissan Leaf can do for you.


The innovative powertrain is not the only technology you will find in the new Nissan Leaf. White Marsh shoppers can also expect a stunning infotainment center at the heart of the dashboard. This screen measures up to 8-inches and allows you to manage all your daily needs with a touch of your finger. This digital display is even continued behind the wheel, with the customizable gauge cluster.

The Benefits of the Leaf

You are sure to love every mile you spend driving the new Nissan Leaf. Due to its electric powertrain, customers can expect a level of efficiency that is hard to find elsewhere. That means you can budget and save more at every turn.

The electric powertrain offered by the new Nissan Leaf will also help keep our environment healthy. This model produces no carbon emissions. So, you can take on your daily drive with a peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tax Credits and Incentives

A main point as to why you should consider shopping for the new Nissan Leaf near Baltimore is due to the impressive tax credits. The government wants drivers to start making the switch to electric power, and they will reward you for doing so. That makes this model even more advantageous than other options. We can also walk you through some incredible incentives that are available when purchasing an EV.

Working with Our Financial Professionals

Our financial team is staffed by industry experts that will make your shopping experience so much easier. We work to secure you a comprehensive auto loan and craft your budget to meet your needs near Parkville, MD. These experts know all about the possible incentives and credits available with the new Nissan Leaf. That means you will have full access to those savings when choosing to work with us.

Find Your Nissan Leaf and Save Money in Bel Air, MD

We encourage shoppers throughout the Middle River area to visit or contact our dealership and find their new Nissan Leaf. This model will change the way you drive for the better and save you money along the way. Our team can get you started with a test drive so that you are sure you want this Nissan before you take it home.

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