The new Nissan Altima is ready to keep you and your passengers secure. Whether you are out for a weekend getaway or on the way to work, you can trust the innovative ProPILOT Assist system to make that drive easier. Here is how this fantastic piece of technology works.

How it Works

Nissan works to keep its vehicles innovative. The safety features, including the ProPILOT Assist, work on a range of sensors and cameras. Drivers will notice a seamless adjustment to the road or conditions around them when utilizing this safety feature.

The Perks During Your Commute

When in traffic, your new Nissan Altima will utilize this ProPILOT Assist to anticipate the vehicle ahead of you. Whether traffic is slowing or speeding up, you can rely on this system to keep you at an appropriate distance from everyone around you. This makes that morning drive to work feel much more secure.

Another phenomenal perk of this system is that it will help keep you centered in your lane. Throughout straightaways, you can stay between the lines with ease. All of this comes together to make your next drive easier than any you've experienced before.

Other Exciting Safety Features

This is just the start of the Altima security and safety features. Customers can utilize a driver assist whether they are on the highway or in a crowded parking lot. Automatic Emergency Braking, Rear Cross Traffic, and Blind Spot Warning are just a few of these innovative systems.

Find Your Secure Nissan Here

Choose a new Nissan Altima or one of the many available models in our inventory if you are looking for a more secure way to drive. We can show you through all the safety features a new Altima has to offer. Take this model for a test drive to experience the quality for yourself.

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