Nissan LEAF provides power to a night of fun and music for the Los Angeles community

Earth Day may not be a major holiday, but it's an important one. Every year, Earth Day presents us with an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the stewardship of the planet. This year, Nissan is showing its commitment to the environment, and providing good food and music to LA locals in the process.

Earlier this week, Nissan teamed up with grassroots pop-up concert producers, Kensington Presents. These folks have been at the heart of the music and arts scene for quite some time now out in Los Angeles, providing donation-based shows in unconventional places. This week, they decided to throw a bluegrass concert under an old overpass and here's the kicker. The entire show was powered by the Nissan LEAF. Concertgoers were shocked and delighted to have an entire night's worth of food and entertainment all provided in essence by the powerful lithium ion battery inside the LEAF.

This is just one more way that Nissan is changing the way people think about zero-emissions electric vehicles and what they can do. So if you'd like to see what the dynamic new Nissan LEAF can do when it's not providing power to unconventional concerts, visit us at Jones Bel Air Nissan for a test drive today

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