Nissan Looks to the Future

When most automotive companies talk about what they're bringing to the future, they're usually talking about a couple new tech features, better efficiency, or new colors. Nissan talks about changing the future with Intelligent Mobility. Nissan is working on innovations that could totally revolutionize the driving experience.

If you've driven through Bel Air MD, Baltimore, Middle River, Lutherville-Timonium, and Parkville MD, you know a thing or two about tough traffic. Nissan vehicles with Intelligent Mobility technology take the guess work out of complex turns, tight intersections, heavy traffic, high-speed merging, lane-changes, and more using a high-tech suite of a radar devices, high-definition cameras, and precision sensors.

Nissan engineers are also working on technology that allows vehicles to directly communicate with each other to avoid accidents, integrate with traffic signals to streamline commutes, and even their own batteries while they're on the road.

We may not quite be there yet, but every new Nissan you see on the lot or on the road is a product of the same great minds. The future will be here before you know it.

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