Are you familiar with the Penny Test? Your tires will thank you


Tires that wear together, stay together.

That is, if you have a set of four tires that are wearing evenly, and being properly rotated every few thousand miles, you can get a lot of life out of them. But when is it time to retire your tires and upgrade to a fresh new set of wheels?

The professionals at our Bel Air service center recommend keeping a sharp eye on the state and quality of your tires, as improper tread depth, uneven wear, and under-inflation can all make driving your vehicle less safe.

Here's one way to be sure that your tire tread is acceptable.

The Penny Test

  • Hold a penny with Lincoln's head facing you
  • With the top of his head pointing toward the rubber, insert the penny into the tire tread
  • If you can see the full top of his head and hair, your tire tread is not an appropriate depth

Check out this brief video by Autobytel to see three simple ways to check tire tread depth at home; if you're not comfortable making the call, or if you're seeing a bit too much empty space above Lincoln's noggin, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We service all makes and models.

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